The water sports park of Île de Vaires is entirely integrated into its natural environment and will become the showcase of French excellence in the water sports of rowing and canoeing at a high level.

By precise spatial definition, the project ensures an overall architectural unity. Water is used to structure the site and transform it into an archipelago.

The landscape design is the confirmation of an island devoted to sports and recreation. To obtain good integration and dialogue between sports, functions, landscape and touristic development, the project is organized around a thick strip that allows for visual and functional coherence and recreates a new horizon.

On a large scale, this project inscribes itself into the logic of the existing densely wooded landscape with clearings by introducing a new element, like a clearing that underlines and surrounds the installations.

  • Program / Project: VAIRES-SUR-MARNE / Water Sports Park
  • Client: SAERP
  • Project management: Auer Weber Assoziierte GmbH (lead consultant) + Agence Ter Landscape Urbanists + Octant Architecture + Tractebel Engineering SA + Soja Ingénierie + Vanguard SAS + RFR Elements
  • Area: 6 ha
  • Date: 2013-2015
  • Amount: 48 M€
  • Location: Vaires-sur-Marnes, France

VAIRES-SUR-MARNE / Water Sports Park