Situated between Metz and Luxemburg in Lorraine, the town of Uckange is located in a region marked by a strong industrial and mining history. Ever since metalworking activities ceased at the start of the 90s, the ‘U4’ blast furnace has dominated a 14ha industrial brownfield site and its annexed buildings.

Following the 2006 realization of the “Garden of the Traces” , of exhibitions by Mecilor and of  the light artwork “All the suns”,  the EPFL Lorraine has decided to open the site to the public, and to bring new life by integrating new services and activities. The design mission for the Park of the Blast Furnace U4 comprises a masterplan of the site as well as the execution of the public spaces.

The project proposal starts with the rhythm of parcels of 7m x 35m, which form a frame for any possible future project (construction, parking, phytoremediation garden, open parcel, etc.). Materialized by the introduction of more than 500 crosses and poles, these parcels are traversed by a central corridor, a promenade through the site, its industrial scenography and its changing character. The corridor becomes the spine of the public spaces that reveal the traces of the industrial activities of the past, for example in its use of existing site materials, and the conservation of old coatings and rails, etc.

  • Program / Project: UCKANGE / Park of the blast furnace ‘U4’
  • Client: Etablissement Public Foncier de Lorraine
  • Project management: Agence Ter + Infraservices + Projectiles + A.E.U
  • Budget: 5,5 M€
  • Area: 14 ha
  • Date: 2014-2016
  • Location: Uckange, France

UCKANGE / Park of the blast furnace ‘U4’