The project of the Two Banks Territory is the last phase of the Strasbourg’s ambitious policy to reclaim the spaces of the former port. Starting from the city zones of Heyritz, Malraux and Danube, this dynamic is amplified by the extension of the tramway line D to Kehl.  With a façade of the city along the water’s edge and a new entrance to the metropolis on the Rhine, Strasbourg has initiated a project of an exceptional dimension.

The project is developed along three structural axes.

First and foremost, the conditions that allow for the coexistence between the city and the port are created. The emergence of this hybrid urban tissue where housing and commercial activities go hand in hand starts with the urban integration of infrastructures, with soft landscape treatment to interfaces and the programming of activities in the ground floor spaces.

Secondly, the project seeks to develop an urban strategy based on the pre-existent landscape base. The Rhine territory is structured by water declined in all its forms. A set of canals, docks and basins give form and direction to the urbanization.  Public spaces are deployed along the banks, reinforcing their role as structuring urban connectors. These spaces allow the development of a green landscape structure on a metropolitan scale and assure the installation an ambitious slow transportation system.

Finally, the project of the “ZAC Deux-Rives” is witness to a new way of living and of using public space.  An adaptable large square adapts to varied uses and events, while ample space and sport facilities are available to encourage active sports. Furthermore, we see the emergence of a new type of public space, at the same time natural & wild, extensive, and influenced by the river, that is offered here as a benefit for the residents.

  • Program / Project: STRASBOURG / 2 banks development
  • Client: SPL 2 rives
  • Project management: Agence Ter Urbanistes Paysagistes, 51N4E, List, OTE, Otelio
  • Budget: 30M €
  • Area: 70 ha
  • Date: 2015-2024
  • Location: Strasbourg, France

STRASBOURG / 2 banks development