As a part of an IBA-workshop Agence Ter was tasked with the formulation of visionary ideas for the evolution of the tidal Elbe’s coastal line in conjunction with large-scale planning strategies for the development of Hamburg.
Historical maps show the tidal landscape’s qualities: the formation of constantly shifting, adjacent and horizontal cultural layers. The tidal Elbe’s zone of influence slowly shrinking over time, while the impact of agricultural landscapes and cities grew. Today people live protected by dams lacking awareness of the dynamic and sculptural forces of water. A new understanding of reopening and expanding the tidal landscape will continue the history of an evolving landscape and living environment.
The old Süderelbe (southern Elbe) in Hamburg has not been part of the Elbe’s tidal current for almost 50 years. All elementary elements of the tidal landscape concept can be found here. As a laboratory, it presents a small-scale learning opportunity for the entire estuary. All necessary means of composition for the region are proposed by the cultural landscape itself: aligning and shifting as the main principal, the locating and changing of existing lines and layers as an instrument for design.

  • Program / Project: HAMBURG / Urban littoral
  • Client: HafenCity Hamburg + IBA Hamburg
  • Project management: Agence Ter + flux. Dieterle Landschaftsarchitekten
  • Date: 2011
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany

HAMBURG / Urban littoral