From the start of the study, the project team observed a sleeping territory.  The town of Soissons has turned its back on the Aisne and few if any activities are related to the water. The wide northern banks within the town centre are abandoned urban grass fields, lacking in biodiversity. On the southern bank there are no continuous pedestrian pathways.

The project aims to reveal the landscape qualities and make Soissons attractive again by:

  • Bringing Soissons closer to the River Aisne
  • Reconciling the city and the river
  • Reactivating historic links
  • Expanding nature within the city

The overall design strategy is articulated through three large geographical sequences that are complementary and interlinked by three overarching themes: “The Aisne as recreation” in the North, “The urban River” in the historic city centre and “The inhabited Aisne Valley” with the emergence of a new ecological neighbourhood.

  • Program / Project: SOISSONS / Banks of the Aisne River
  • Client: City of Soissons
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead consultant) + INFRA SERVICES
  • Area: 16 ha
  • Date: 2012 - 2014
  • Amount: 16 M€
  • Location: Soissons, France

SOISSONS / Banks of the Aisne River