The project along the Huangpu River in Shanghai aims for a redesign of 22 km of riverbank including the design of 24 structures – beacons – signaling the presence of water. In order to bring together the scale of the metropolis and the scale of the individual, two programmable, public stages have also been created.

The high stage, situated between 15 and 18m high is inspired by clouds and lanterns and its intention is to bring a rhythm and legibility to the totems along the river’s edge. This vision is materialized as a three-dimensional structure composed of metallic tubes with a lighting system projecting programmable light bundles.

The lower stage corresponds to programming that invites the inhabitants to occupy the public space. An amphitheater, a restaurant, an artistic experience and a climbing wall are some of the surprises that are included in a volume of 6 x 6 x 10m and suspended above ground.

The four beacons developed by Agence Ter are conceived as metal structures with similar forms. The specific materiality of the suspended volumes differs according to the program and place.

The amphitheater stage is covered with a volume in Corten steel as a reference to nautical heritage. A restaurant is situated under a volume of copper sheets that will corrode over time. Visitors can lie down on deck chairs and contemplate the interior of a volume of reflective glass. The climbing wall is defined as a sculpture within a volume of metal mesh.

  • Program / Project: SHANGHAI / The Magic Box
  • Client: Shanghai East Bund Investment Group CO.
  • Project management: Agence Ter Architectures (lead designer) + TESS + Concepto
  • Date: 2017-2020
  • Location: Shanghai, China

SHANGHAI / The Magic Box