The project of the Square of the Ferries is a redesign of 500m landscape along the Huangpu riverbank on the side of Pudong and is part of the 22km masterplan for the transformation of the old industrial river bank into new continuities for pedestrians and cyclists through public spaces and a linear park system linked to the river.

The design of this space is created through a square, a park and pedestrian bridges. The project connects multiple public modes of public transport and existing buildings, assuring accessibility of the river banks to the public.

Today, the Ferry station is simply a space to pass through but the addition of a new square will change its identity. New commercial activities and green space will invite visitors to take a break and enjoy shade and rest during the waiting time for the boats. The square will open towards a new park that includes sports fields, a nursing home and a new bus station. The covering of the latter allows for a park on multiple levels that open new panoramas of the river landscapes. An elevated pedestrian promenade along the riverbank allows for the existing port activities to continue. Two elevated sports circuits circle throughout the park’s services. The separation of the flows (pedestrian, sports, users of public transport) facilitates the creation of a quiet landscape park in front of the nursing home.

The project of the Square of the Ferries transforms the riverbank into a place for the daily life and enjoyment of the inhabitants along the river’s edge.

  • Program / Project: SHANGHAI / Square of the Ferries
  • Client: Shanghai East Bund Investment Group CO.
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer)
  • Area: 7,4 ha
  • Date: 2016 - 2018
  • Location: Shanghai, China

SHANGHAI / Square of the Ferries