The 12ha Park of the Cement Factory creates a new horizon along the river bank of the Huangpu. This park is one part of the large transformation of the old industrial river banks in Pudong into public spaces and open parks with space for pedestrians, cyclists and sports activities along 22km of riverfront.

On the side of the city, the ground is lifted to create a large linear hill-scape. The soft slope invites inhabitants of the future neighborhoods to take in open views of river’s landscape and at the same time offers a forested retreat along the boulevard. At its highest point, the hill descends steeply like a cliff towards the river. A panoramic route along the ridge invites the contemplation of the impressive landscapes of the Huangpu River and appreciation of the opposite bank from a new point of view. Under the cliff, several functions and restaurants are incorporated into the slope. The softening of the slope allows for the integration of a large playground and an amphitheater with a view over the park. On the side of the river, beyond the cliff, a grand promenade obscures the presence of the floodwall and allows for new panoramic views towards the banks. At times paths approach the water and at others the park provides some distance, allowing for large planted areas or natural river edges. At the heart of the park, a large open square links the neighborhoods and the banks of the river while hosting a market hall, concert venue and a large lawn for open-air activities. From the lawn, an impressive panoramic view of the other bank invites to appreciate the sunset and evening concerts.

  • Program / Project: SHANGHAI / Park of the Cement Factory
  • Client: Shanghai East Bund Investment Group CO.
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + Concepto + JFA + TESS
  • Area: 12,9 ha
  • Date: 2016 - 2018
  • Location: Shanghai, China

SHANGHAI / Park of the Cement Factory