Within the framework of the design of 22km of public spaces along the river bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, Agence Ter has also been selected to lead the design of the public spaces of Lujiazui including 2.5km of river banks at the foot of the symbolic television tower “Pearl of the East” in the financial and commercial center of Lujiazui. By transforming the currently inaccessible and discontinuous banks into a metropolitan public space, the neighborhood is once again linked to the river and provides exceptional views towards the historic Bund. With five structuring principles, the project proposes to change the relationship between the city and its river:

  • Accessibility: extending the avenues to the riverbank, creating urban squares and multiplying access points to the banks.
  • Opening: allowing new perspectives towards the river landscapes, bringing a new scale of vegetation to the bank.
  • Nature: creating the new Bund for Shanghai, reflecting its time, ecology, and quality of natural spaces by creating floodable gardens and new ecosystems.
  • Programming: extending urban activities to riverbank and allowing for the development of new life along the water’s edge by creating numerous open spaces, grass fields or squares.
  • Continuity: assuring the continuity of the bank through the creation of a pedestrian discovery track, a jogging track and a cycling track, that are directly along the 22km of the Pudong riverbank.
  • Program / Project: SHANGHAI / Lujiazui
  • Client: Shanghai East Bund Investment Group CO.
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + SCS + JFA
  • Area: 16 ha
  • Date: 2017 - 2018
  • Location: Shanghai, China

SHANGHAI / Lujiazui