The project of Dongchang North includes the redesign of 1.4km of the riverbanks of the Huangpu River and is part of the 22km masterplan for the transformation of the old industrial river banks into new continuities for pedestrians and cyclists through public spaces and a linear park system linked to the river.

The existing park on the river bank of the neighborhood Donghchang needed to be redesigned to accommodate the three major trajectories (pedestrian, jogging and cycling paths), yet the project relies on the enhancement of existing site elements. This redesign is also an opportunity to rethink the river bank with regard to the daily lives, habits and activities of the inhabitants. In that sense, the design of the quay has been simplified, the materials have become more sustainable and certain activities facilitated. A wide promenade created for afternoon family walks now offers the occasion to pause and enjoy the river landscape. In parallel, a sequence of grass fields and wooden terraces invite one to linger at the water’s edge as one would at the beach. The quay is by nature a large, simple and open space that directs our admiration towards the river landscapes. In contrast, the deeper lying grove is a more enclosed space and full of ambience. The canopy trees provide shade for small exterior rooms which can be understood as extensions of the apartments of the neighborhood, there to welcome the daily activities of the inhabitants. The shade and the freshness from the trees also make a suitable environment for sports – a basketball field is being installed and sports tracks now circle between the tree trunks. Low vegetation has been removed in order to open view corridors and allow for a maximum amount of light to enter. At sunset, shadows are created by the sunlight on the river filtering through the wooded grove and its foliage.

  • Program / Project: SHANGHAI / Dongchang North
  • Client: Shanghai East Bund Investment Group CO.
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer)
  • Area: 6,7 ha
  • Date: 2016 - 2017
  • Location: Shanghai, China

SHANGHAI / Dongchang North