The area forming Seine Park stretches out to the west of Paris along the valley of the Seine between the towns of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and Jeufosse in the Yvelines department, a linear distance of some 84 km of river banks. Something more than landscape composition is needed to approach this territorial scale,  within which the River Seine is a living component with its floods and complex geography made up from islands, oxbows, forests and drinking water resources. In this very dynamic area subject to considerable development pressure,  Agence Ter chose to concentrate on the “hollow” spaces lying on the river’s edge between the towns that risk being overwhelmed by an urbanisation that ignores their potential. The challenge inherent in this approach was to give these areas real value through the application of a programme recreating links between the river and the plateau and developing continuities along the River Seine. This was achieved by organising the towns around a shared project.

These landscaped entities, called “intervals”, are located between the towns and extend from the alluvial plain to the edges of the plateau and are programmed to develop on sites with a high added value. The “intervals” reverse the expected focus of attention as the aim is to work on town outskirts and develop them as qualitative urban horizons.

  • Program / Project: SEINE AVAL / Seine Park
  • Client: EPAMSA
  • Project management: Agence ter (lead designer) + Hydratec + Biotope + Partenaires Développement
  • Area: 40 000 ha
  • Date: Phase 1 : 2010-2013 / Phase 2 : 2014-2016
  • Location: valley of the Seine between Conflans Sainte Honorine and Jeufosse, France

SEINE AVAL / Seine Park