The focus of this project was to revitalize the pathways, views, and pleasures of Cristina Enea Park located in San Sebatián. The effects of erosion and overgrown vegetation in this terrain had been exacerbated by the mild and damp local climate, while a poor circuit of trails and a low-permeability containing wall, all set on rugged topography, had created a sizeable obstacle to creating the pathways that were needed to connect the historic old town in the north with the new neighbourhoods rapidly expanding southward along the far side of the river. The park ground is meticulously reworked to install a main transverse footpath complemented by another path that wrapped around the hill to a pedestrian bridge over the river. The work involved highlighting the natural value of the site by rediscovering its landscape qualities, defining its intimate and exposed spaces by making some active and others relaxed, and fashioning a contemporary space at the heart of an historic park. Preexisting trails were reprofiled and flanked by a channel to drain rainwater, and an attractive series of spaces for play or for enjoying the natural surroundings were put in place. A broad, open lawn sits atop the bluff, ringed by a perfectly oval path. The park now serves the local residents in a logical and positive way, and the renewal of its vegetation offers fresh views of this beautiful city and its characteristic green hills.

  • Program / Project: SAN SEBASTIÁN / Cristina Enea Park
  • Client: San Sébastien
  • Area: 9 ha
  • Date: 2005-2008
  • Location: Saint-Sébastien, Spain

SAN SEBASTIÁN / Cristina Enea Park