The Integrated Development Zone of the Docks is a large 100 ha area on the banks of the Seine, on the edge of Saint-Ouen’s historical centre at the gates of Paris. It is the transformation of an almost monofunctional, industrial territory into a new mixed development fully integrated in the existing town, with the 12 hectare Park of the Docks providing an extensive open space on the banks of the Seine.

The park was imagined as alternating hollows and solids, which materialize two types of place: spaces for nature and gardens for the public. This is a park that offers different kinds of conviviality and experiences due to the generosity of its spaces and its multiple atmospheres: light/shade, quiet intimate spaces/busy active places, and wide open views/framed vistas. A sequence of compositions, orientations and views of the distant landscape, of the city or the park itself.

Valleys, ponds and large sunken surfaces gather rain water, highway run off and floodwater from the Seine. The park is a hydraulic system, a huge reservoir that filters water and uses it to irrigate the plantations. The ponds and filtering gardens welcome a wide range of fauna: tritons, dragonflies, frogs, birds and insects.

  • Program / Project: SAINT-OUEN / Park of the Docks
  • Client: Sequano Aménagement
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead consultant) + Agence Ter Architectures + BERIM (engineering and cost consultant) + Coup d’Éclat (lighting consultant) + Biotope (ecological consultant) + ISL (geo-engineering) + Phytorestore (Hydraulic & Pond ecology) + Skatepark Service Conseil + Razel (main construction contractor)
  • Area: 12 ha
  • Date: 2010-2013
  • Amount: 29,7 M€
  • Location: Saint-Ouen, France

SAINT-OUEN / Park of the Docks