The perimeter of the Gol neighborhood extends from the Gol canyon to the Papaye canyon and the cane fields in the North. Three major territorial strategies allow for the creation of this future project:

  • The canyons: legible marks in the landscape and leverage for future development
  • The topography: an east-west logic that is invisible today but can support future project design
  • The existing and future clusters: cultural centers, schools, sports and commercial centers as well as historical cores become important guides for the new project.

Pasteur Avenue and its Squares

Pasteur Avenue will once again become a backbone for the neighborhood. With a clearly defined start and ending, the Avenue is articulated and defined by 5 structuring squares.

The Great Threshold

A new North-South edge evolves in step with the emerging diversity of neighborhoods through which it passes. This threshold is a way provide broad open space and at the same time emphasize the exceptional natural characteristics of the site.

The Crossings

A reorganization of pathways within the neighborhood allows for new connections between points of interest that help to define the inhabitants’ trajectories.

This new armature allows a reconsideration of different scales of the project and touches upon all the major project themes: from local to territorial scales and from landscape to urban problematics.

  • Program / Project: SAINT-LOUIS / Gol neighborhood
  • Client: City of Saint-Louis
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + Co-architects + Zone Up (landscape) + Createur (engineering)
  • Area: 200 ha
  • Date: 2015 - 2018
  • Amount: 153M€ HT
  • Location: Saint-Louis, La Réunion

SAINT-LOUIS / Gol neighborhood