This project is founded on analysis of the entire valley territory of 25 km of river banks. The territory is fragmented and lacking identity: the river and its banks have the strong image and the potential to create common ground by reinvigorating the link between the Vilaine River and its countryside.
The park of the Vilaine reworks the composition of the territory and brings together its various components, specifically through the creation of direct links between the two banks. The idea is to associate diverse and qualitative lifestyles with many activities, by creating a neighbourhood park to enhance the quality of life of local inhabitants.
The park is structured around two itineraries/routes, which become real energy lines articulating the amenities of the territory. At the crossing of the two lines, places of intensity with activity programming are introduced.

  • Program / Project: RENNES / Valley of the downstream Vilaine River
  • Client: Rennes Métropole
  • Client: Rennes Metropolis
  • Project management: Agenceter (lead designer) + BRL Ingénierie + Atelier d’Écologie Urbaine + Arcadis + ARTER + BERIM + BeCitizen + BICFL
  • Area: 3500 ha
  • Date: 2014-2020
  • Amount: 10 M € HT
  • Contact: Cartographies: Agence Ter; Photographies: N. Joubard (Traversées) et F. Hammon (Escale)
  • Location: Rennes, France

RENNES / Valley of the downstream Vilaine River