Rennes Métropole has launched a competition to reestablish continuity between the northern and southern part of the city, which are today separated by rail tracks and by an important height difference. The interpretation of the design team is not to consider this station just as a functional space, but as a true public space: the station becomes a unifying medium for the two banks.
The urban link is created by a bridge-building that becomes the base of a real constructed landscape which recalls the landscape of the dunes and pine forests.

  • Program / Project: RENNES / Euro Rennes
  • Client: Rennes Metropolis
  • Project management: FGP (lead designer) + Agence Ter + OGI +Frank Boutté
  • Area: 58 ha
  • Date: 2013 - 2025
  • Amount: 35 M€ HT
  • Location: Rennes, France

RENNES / Euro Rennes