Agence Ter’s masterplan for the Jianjiang Valley is structured in three major parts:

  • First, a reorganization of mobility across the valley
  • Second, a strategy for urban development and the preservation of the natural areas
  • Third, The creation of 7 emblematic projects

The valley is not only identifiable by its two banks, but also by its three topographic layers. The river bed is the first, the river bank slopes the second and the ridge, a remarkable element, the third. Each layer is associated with a different approach to architecture.

The valley is composed of 6 major and 3 peripheral villages. How to densify this valley and provide all necessary services without destroying its intrinsic qualities? The answer is found in the creation of a synergistic loop of 7 villages.

The proposed design developments for each village are based on:

  • A densification of the existing urban fabric: filling the gaps and reinforcing the edges
  • The creation of an ecotone, a transition zone between the urban and the rural territories, where a system of renewable energy can be developed
  • The preservation of areas of fertile soil, important for biodiversity as well as the agricultural character of the valley.

A range of nocturnal atmospheres/ambience is created along the river. These follow the progression from urban to rural landscapes. Bridges, temples, industrial structures and refuges are illuminated to be visible down in the valley. These illuminations create landmarks in the wide nocturnal landscape with each village is acting as an attractive point of light. Together these villages, and especially the emblematic projects, create a constellation of different identities in the night which help enforce their unique identities.

The seven emblematic projects of the Jianjiang river valley accompany the major principles of the landscape project. They are located near the town centers of each village in continuity with the pedestrian crossings on the Jianjiang River. Each project is unique in its location, identity and aesthetic.

  • Program / Project: PENGZHOU / Jianjiang Valley
  • Client: City of Pengzhou
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + Inca Architectures, MDP, Concepto
  • Area: 150 km²
  • Date: 2018-2020
  • Location: Pengzhou, China

PENGZHOU / Jianjiang Valley