Subject to extreme heat and torrential rains, for a garden in Vinaroz, Spain to succeed, the necessary conditions need to be established. A micro-climate is needed, based on a substrate that allows for vegetation to grow, gardens to be created or activities to take place whenever needed. The project therefore installs wet areas and shady zones that are articulated by a micro-topography, and tree masses of different varieties. The fresh garden, the great lawn, the flower garden and the children’s garden each are associated with a different nature and also with a specific depth. This game of topography however will never thwart the global perception of the park, evident from all of the park’s edges that are in a close relationship with the city through an array of activities.

  • Program / Project: VINAROZ / Central Park
  • Client: City of Vinaroz
  • Project management: Agence Ter, Colomer Dumont
  • Budget: 2 500 00 Euros
  • Area: 2 ha
  • Date: 2008
  • Location: Vinaroz, Spain

VINAROZ / Central Park