The Halles site is the principal transit interchange point in Paris. It is like a millefeuille pastry, with stratification of multiple functions on several levels, mostly underground. Today, the transit spaces are poorly served, their fluidity is far from certain, and the levels and their assorted programs communicate neither with each other nor with the garden that covers everything with a strange layer of green. The goal of the redevelopment project is to divide the site and allow its various strata to interact. The team suggested cutting through the millefeuille so as to bring out what was hidden underground, and to let the daylight in to the very depths of the complex. Garden, shops and public transport should all become part of the same broad, fluid space at the center of the capital.

  • Program / Project: PARIS / The Halles
  • Client: City of Paris
  • Project management: OMA-Rem Koolhass (lead consultant) + Agence Ter + Xdga + One Architecture + Partenaires Développement + SETEC
  • Area: 7 ha
  • Date: 2004
  • Amount: 55 M€
  • Location: Paris, France

PARIS / The Halles