The renaturing of the site of the park of the Trapèze, with its industrial past, is based on the nature/town duality of the Seine and the City. The new living landscape of water, gravel beds, islands and marshes is that of a floodable river inlet, overlooked from hard edges like those of docks. Here, the landscape park of earlier centuries is reinvented: the presentation of static views is replaced by the variations, changes and uncertainties of natural systems. Levels are adapted to function, some places being always above or below the changing water level, the continual transformation of others giving a constant redefinition of the garden’s configuration. The subtle transitions of this nature at mooring seem to continue the riverside landscapes of the Seine.

  • Program / Project: BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT / Park of Billancourt
  • Client: SAEM Val de Seine
  • Project management: Agence Ter (Leading), Setec TPI + Biotope
  • Area: 7 ha
  • Date: 2011-2017

BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT / Park of Billancourt