Centuries of political, literary, artistic, scientific and economic history have shaped the incredible heritage of traveling in Nantes. Infill of the tributaries of the Loire River has contributed to the erasure of the river in the city center, yet its scale and footprint remain legible. This project’s ambition is to re-establish contact between the city and its river, to rediscover the river’s scale and its nature, to re-appropriate the riverbanks with various activities, sensations and landscapes. The masterplan will reveal the rich variety of identities that are characteristic of the Loire and expressed in the city of Nantes. First, a pastoral and cultivated Loire, inspired by the surrounding countryside will enhance the banks of the ancient Gloriette Island. Second, the littoral Loire as a port river as it becomes an estuary further downstream is expressed by the quays and accompanied by maritime gardens and pavilions, small architectural objects that will occupy these quays as industrial structures once did.

At the confluence of these imaginaries and landscapes, two metropolitan public spaces consolidate and express the relationship of Nantes and its river. La Petite Hollande is a large metropolitan park-square that slowly opens out towards the water allowing the city and the Loire to greet each other. The canal Saint-Felix becomes a place of celebration and sport that defines the Southern gate of the metropolis.

  • Program / Project: NANTES / Banks of the Loire - Petite Hollande
  • Client: Nantes Metropolis
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designers) + Une Fabrique de la Ville + List + 51N4E + Coup d'Eclat + Collectif Fil + Scopic + Mobhilis + Tugec + Cronos + Tess
  • Area: 12 ha
  • Date: 2017 - 2026
  • Location: Nantes, France

NANTES / Banks of the Loire – Petite Hollande