The urban renewal project Les Groues aims to transform an industrial, polluted site into a new and attractive neighborhood. The site takes advantage of the proximity of the future station Nanterre La Folie, a line served by the RER E and line 15 of the Greater Paris Express network.

The degraded site conditions and the desire to create a neighborhood where well-being, biodiversity and landscape form an essential part of its identity demanded a new methodology and presented a unique solution: the vertical ecosystem. This concept is translated into the “sources of life”, planted groves between 10 to 15m wide and of varying densities that allow for an ecological intensification in all layers between the subsurface and the sky, creating biodiversity and ecological connectivity with the logic of stepping-stones.

The diverse environments created engender various atmospheres and thus accommodate a range of social and ecological functions. The density of the vegetation determines whether one can linger and inhabit the space while buffering the intensity of urban life by reconnecting it to nature.

In this project, nature in the city becomes a real source of biodiversity and of ecosystem function such as flood protection, heat island reduction, bioclimatic regulation, ecological corridors, food production, all critical for climate change resilience.

  • Program / Project: NANTERRE / Les Groues
  • Client: Paris La Défense
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + Hekladonia + Berim + Agi2D + ATM + Acogec + Biotope + 8'18" + aurblanc
  • Area: 10 ha
  • Date: 2018-2030
  • Location: Nanterre, France

NANTERRE / Les Groues neighborhood