In the way that a refuge or shelter is created in the landscape due to the erosion of cliffs, the weather and storm impact on the peach walls (“murs à pêches”) in Montreuil has generated a similar dune-like formation.

Inscribed into the geometry of the peach walls, these mineral developments are like terraced steps holding wetlands of various depths. From the existing topography, we define the beaches, the prairies and the mineral islands, each according to their various uses and vegetation.

At the heart of the site, at the deepest point, a recreational bathing pool is planned. At the pool’s edges floodable zones will be created with inundated bioswales to allow aquatic plant life to actively filter the water of the pool.

  • Program / Project: MONTREUIL / Ecological swimming pool
  • Client: City of Montreuil
  • Project management: COSTE Architects (lead designer) + Agence Ter (landscape)
  • Area: 1,3 ha
  • Date: 2013 - 2016
  • Amount: 12M € HT
  • Location: Montreuil, France

MONTREUIL / Ecological swimming pool