The Digital Mile Park, linked to a developing centre of new technologies, is part of Zaragoza’s repositioning on a metropolitan scale. Creating a new type of space for nature, original and welcoming, the park explores the possible landscapes that are the relationship between the virtual and the real, the confrontation of the digital with the physical world.

In preparation for the 2008 World Expo, the city of Saragossa held several planning competitions for architecture and landscape design, with a view to developing the exhibition site itself on a loop of the Ebro River and redefining the urban areas linking it with the city. The latter were heavily constructed and lacking in pleasant, relaxing green spaces. Following this competition, Agence Ter was awarded the task of designing the grounds (not yet built) linking the Expo site with a new train station on the high-speed AVE line. The site is a long and narrow park bordered by dense, heterogeneous construction and massive infrastructure. The idea is to create a natural zone, comfortable and original, but beyond this the planning of the new park posed a more complex question: how to relate the real with the virtual, the place itself with its digital amplification, the sensations of material space with those of immaterial space. In short, the park is envisioned as an area of digital experimentation. Natural elements are blended everywhere with elements from the high-tech digital world in a flexible composition where natural or constructed limits are used as vehicles for crossing from one domain to the other. Visitors themselves are seen as the principal agents in this park, free to experiment with the supports inherent in the structuring elements of the landscape. These constitute nothing less than an open work in progress which, when complemented by digital interaction, can form the new and composite space of an augmented reality.

  • Program / Project: ZARAGOZA / Digital Mile Park
  • Client: City of Saragosa + Saragosa ZAV
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead consultant) + Colomer Dumont architects + Procam engineering
  • Area: 24 ha
  • Date: 2006, winner
  • Location: Zaragoza, Spain

ZARAGOZA / Digital Mile Park