The town of Martigues is situated in a very small valley linked to the Mediterranean Sea by a very popular beach. The projects aim was to reorganise the initially completely occupied rear beach by parking in summer season. To the preoccupation of an efficient management of the parking has been added the necessity to prevent this extensively waterproof site from frequent flooding. The project intends to establish one successions of terraces slightly reversed in order to keep and to stock the water of storm on weak height. These terraces, extensively shady by plantations, constitute the necessary parking surfaces of the beach. Adjacent to the constructions (restaurants) that edges the beach, a vast “sunken” rear beach constitute the ultimate system of water retention, preventing the space and the buildings from flooding water. This polyvalent space, a comfortable lawn is extensively planted.

  • Program / Project: MARTIGUES / Beach of Verdon
  • Client: Martigues
  • Project management: Agence Ter (Leading) + Berim
  • Area: 3 ha
  • Date: 1999 - 2000
  • Location: Martigues, France

MARTIGUES / Beach of Verdon