Links between Paris, London and Brussels are being actively strengthened by the continuation of Euralille, a vast project connecting the TGV, the A1 highway and the centre of Lille through a new district, emblematic in terms of the modernity of its buildings and the diversity of its facilities. Euralille 2, which is close to 30 hectares in size, will become the district of entry to Lille via the highway, from 2010. It provides an opportunity to suggest new ways of urban living.

The « inhabited wood » is one such innovative concept, organized around landscape rather than urban patterns, dealing with the empty parts of the city and the way it breathes rather than built up sites alone.  A kind of town planning to do with inter-relationships, in which the landscape unifies the built environment. The concept responds to differing perceptions of public space; the space as experienced from within, and as seen from the buildings. Two defined layers of tree planting with distinct scales structure the views and the relations between places.

Contract grown trees, of heights between 12 and 14 m, have been reserved for the entire project, and are planted as each phase advances, thus ensuring an overall coherence in the proportions of the plantations.

  • Program / Project: LILLE / The “Inhabited wood” – Euralille 2
  • Client: SAEM Euralille
  • Project management: Agence Ter + F. Leclercq (lead consultant)
  • Area: 15 ha
  • Date: 2000-2012
  • Amount: 16 M€
  • Location: Lille, France

LILLE / The “Inhabited wood” – Euralille 2