Situated in the east end of Lille just south of the new development Euralille 2 and north of the Belfort neighborhood, the urban development of Porte de Valenciennes is part of the dense urban fabric built in the 1950s and characterized by modernist slab architecture and large-scale transport infrastructures (the new ring road to the East, the aerial metro as well as the old ring road of Lille through the heart of the site).

This project is based on the creation of a new, linear spatial continuity between the edges of the old ring road to create a new urban boulevard. This urban reorganization requires the destruction of certain modernist slab buildings to create new parcels – “green building blocks” – that function as collective courtyards.

The design of these green collective courtyards is an opportunity to rethink how to relate private areas to the more public ones while multiplying the possible pedestrian trajectories and social uses. Finally, this project also includes the redesign of the “Rempart Promenade” that traverses the entire city of Lille.

  • Program / Project: LILLE / Gate of Valenciennes
  • Client: SPL Euralille
  • Project management: François Leclercq Architectes-Urbanistes (lead designer) + MG-AU Architectes-Urbanistes, Agence Ter Paysagistes - Urbanistes + Verdi Ingénierie BET
  • Area: 11 ha
  • Date: 2009 - 2018
  • Amount: 17M € HT
  • Location: Lille, France

LILLE / Gate of Valenciennes