The quays of the city of Libourne, historically built as a infrastructural site for the wine trade has become little more than a large parking lot over time. Rethinking the future of these quays as an interface between city-nature was the subject of an initial competition and now of Agence Ter’s work.

The design team is working closely with the city of Libourne in its mission to commemorate the city’s architectural and fluvial heritage. The project of the quays, now in its final phase of construction, focuses on pedestrian and cyclist networks. A grand promenade links the river to the city center, designed to stimulate activities that recall the historic dynamics of the port. Alongside this promenade, a wide, planted allee invites pedestrians to continue their stroll towards the bridge of Fronsac.

Fundamental principles of the project include a continuous ground surface to ease wayfinding, clear sightlines towards the water, programming of the quays with urban activities (sports, festivities, green beach, boat rides, etc.) and the enhancement of the natural banks with wetland gardens. Restoration of the banks takes into account the tidal rhythms of the water with the design of a micro-topography and a diversified planting palette including wetland gardens, tree alles with dry meadows, inaccessible lawns, irrigated lawns, etc.

Thus the project proposes both new urban life on the river banks with welcoming public spaces while it stimulates a new urban nature connected to water. A coexistence between floodable areas and active program is developed.

  • Program / Project: LIBOURNE / Quays of the confluence
  • Client: City of Libourne
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + Coup d'éclat + TECTA
  • Area: 2 ha
  • Date: 2015-2020
  • Amount: 5,1M € HT
  • Location: Libourne, France

LIBOURNE / Quays of the confluence