The principal entrance to the park consists of a small courtyard or parvis planted with wild cherry trees that extends into a lawn punctuated by trees of the same kind, creating intimate spaces under their canopies, which change with the seasons. Beyond this, a concrete gallery runs along the park’s entire length to accommodate temporary activities organized by the local residents and the town hall. The brightly-coloured glass roof of this gallery creates a surprising play of light along its floor and walls, which alters as the sun follows its course. In the centre of the park a broad lawn is reached by various pathways between the old buildings, offering a venue suitable for many kinds of activities. Alongside this, former workshops await rehabilitation to house community programs, most likely a day nursery and a community coffee house. To the pleasures of the landscape are added those of language, with poems beamed at night from the former wells, transforming the park into an expanse of phosphorescent writing.

  • Program / Project: LES LILAS / Lucie Aubrac Park
  • Client: Town of Les Lilas
  • Project management: Agence Ter (Lead consultant) + Projectiles
  • Area: 1,6 ha
  • Date: 2004-2007
  • Amount: 1,8 M€
  • Location: Les Lilas, France

LES LILAS / Lucie Aubrac Park