The eco-neighbourhood of the Park Princesse is the last land development opportunity for the town of Le Vésinet, allowing the creation of a new residential neighbourhood and facilities. On this site, the imposing historical monument of Vésinet Hospital (imperial asylum inaugurated in 1875) becomes a central element for the future neighbourhood.  The site is almost entirely planted with trees, giving the hospital an emblematic status at the heart of this garden city, designed and developed since the mid-19th century by the French landscape gardener Paul de Lavenne, Count of Choulot.

Our objective for the eco-neighbourhood of the Park Princesse is to successfully integrate new development into this in this constrained site.  A housing typology is proposed which respects the founding concepts and design principles of the town, whilst meeting the objectives of urban densification.  In accord with the ‘Vesinet Ideal ‘ of inhabiting nature,  this typology seeks  an alternative high quality model,  where the characterizing principles of the typical Vésinet mansion inspire and inform collective residential buildings with visually permeable  ground floors , and views from the upper storeys and inhabited roofs oriented towards the landscape .

By retaining the maximum of the remarkable trees and valorizing the existing woodlands and natural environments, the project reinforces the landscape structure. Buildings are positioned in the clearings of the woodland, where the soil is less fertile or on the site of former constructions. The project encourages stakeholder implication with customized consultation and a programme of neighbourhood study groups focusing on the public space/private space interfaces and a peaceful, low nuisance construction site. Finally, environmental goals are crucial, shown through a systemic and transversal approach of the different parameters of sustainable development.

  • Program / Project: LE VESINET / Eco-neighbourhood of Parc Princesse (455 housing units, 600 m² commercial units, a retirement home)
  • Client: Grand Paris Aménagement
  • Project management: Agence Ter Urbanistes Paysagistes, Agence Ter Architectures, SODEREF, Les ENR, Gauthier Bicheron
  • Budget: 12M € (public realm)
  • Area: 18,5 ha
  • Date: 2016-2020
  • Location: Le Vésinet, France

LE VESINET / Eco-neighbourhood of Parc Princesse