The Park is greatly influenced by the geography of the Seine valley, which holds the memory of flooding and the sedimentation of silt and sand. The horizontality here is entirely specific. The central element of the park consists of a sizeable lawn. The tall buildings beside the park rise out of the original topography like recent additions. Hence the decision to make use of the mound of landfill of the park, a real addition that was made when the old factories were demolished; their idea was to turn this higher ground into a special event, a kind of belvedere that would offer a better view of the surrounding cityscape: the metropolitan skyline, the perpetual stream of cars and the trains passing by.

After the old factories were pulled down in the 1970s, the disused site attracted children who rode improvised sledges down the sides of the mound; filmmakers also used the area as a location; there were festivals of all kinds, and flea markets; abundant graffiti appeared. The new park continues to offer the public an atmosphere of freedom, as well as a ‘green beach’ for local people who may not have the means to go on holiday. Of course, a beach needs water, so it was laid out a water channel along the edge of the park. In this area the only projections are slender masts with water pipes incorporated into them; some of these serve as showers, others as mist-sprayers, to the delight of children and the general surprise of passers-by.

  • Program / Project: IVRY SUR SEINE / Cormailles Park
  • Client: Département du Val de Marne
  • Project management: Agence Ter (Leading) and SADEV
  • Area: 8,3 ha
  • Date: 2004-2006
  • Location: Ivry Sur Seine

IVRY SUR SEINE / Cormailles Park