The façade of the L-Bank building acts as a frame to the composition of the oval-like overgrown islands inside the square courtyard. The varying shapes and sizes of the islands form a dynamic picture – the center of the office building.

Due to the slightly raised islands the image of the courtyard the viewer sees changes with every floor. The higher the viewing-point, the more two-dimensional and picture-like the effect of the courtyard. The densely planted azaleas are conducive to this impression. By planting ever-green types this homogenously green element of the courtyard stays consistent throughout the year. The planted surfaces act as stage showcasing the changing seasons naturally through the cover of vegetation. Throughout spring the islands are covered in white blossoms. One type of azalea is planted per island to retain the homogenous character. There is a total of three flowering periods creating alternating images.

Pictures created by the oval islands are accentuated by their striking border. The islands are framed with white Corian®. During the day it appears solid and closed. At dawn the material reveals its translucent properties: back-lit with LEDs glowing lines start appearing within the frames. The lit frames set the islands apart from the rest of the surfaces in the courtyard. The picture portrayed in the courtyard changes along with the continuous change in time of day and season. This allows for time and space for thought and ideas to unfold.

  • Program / Project: KARLSRUHE / Patio L-Bank
  • Client: Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg
  • Project management: Agence Ter
  • Area: 0,3 ha
  • Date: 2005-2008
  • Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

KARLSRUHE / Patio L-Bank