The Elbe Islands of Wilhelmsburg are situated between two major branches of the Elbe – the northern and the southern arms – in the urban centre of Hamburg. The Elbe Island features a broad range of utilisation and structures of varying dimensions.
The International Building Exhibition, IBA and Hamburg International Garden Show, igs 2013 will be held on the Elbe island of Wilhelmsburg in 2013. These two major events represent the launch of a long-term urban construction process for the Elbe island of Wilhelmsburg. In cooperation with Jo Coenen Architekten &Co. Agence Ter has drawn up a Master Plan which has been presented to the public and is in the process of realisation:
The centre of Elbe Island Wilhelmsburg is defined as a system of parks running from north to south, crossing and assimilating both the existing structures and those yet to be built. The draft chooses water in its various forms as its leitmotif, moving through the entire island. Then a ribbon of pathways is superimposed, following the canals and streams and passing through a variety of spaces and atmospheres and making them accessible. In this way, a network consisting of different types of green areas and centres is created.
The core of the project is, the “New Centre of “Wilhelmsburg” as the location of the igs and the focus of the IBA projects. On an area totalling approx. 35 hectares the Master Plan develops a new centre for the Elbe Island. The Master Plan provides the Wilhelmsburg centre with a mix of residential structures, offices, retailing and service facilities as well as hotel and leisure facilities closely dovetailed with green areas, where Wilhelmsburg’s Reichsstrasse currently splits the district in two.

  • Program / Project: HAMBOURG / Wilhelmsburg Master plan
  • Client: IBA Hamburg GmbH
  • Project management: Agence Ter + Rolo Fütterer, Jo Coenen & co. Architectes
  • Area: 227 ha (dont 30 ha de parc)
  • Date: 2008-2013
  • Location: Hambourg, Allemagne

HAMBOURG / Wilhelmsburg Master plan