The Louis Jeantet Foundation, a medical institution that regularly hosts seminars and conventions for researchers and specialists, wished to renovate its venerable neo-classical villa headquarters, redesign the garden area, and generally apply a new spatial order to its property. The idea was to link the villa, situated at the top of a slope, with an auditorium in the basement of a modern building at the foot of the hill. Instead of planting the slope as a garden, Agence Ter opted for a space with multiple horizons.

The result is a reception area open to the sky, accessible by way of a ramp from the street, and opening out onto the terrace via two staircases slipped between the interstices of the patio’s concrete sides. These take the form of two Us closing in on each other, slightly out of alignment. Their contours are enhanced by pools of water around the edges of the terrace. The terrace is paved in light-colored natural stone, regular and urban in character; the patio, by contrast, offers a reminder of its proximity to the underground through the use of black schist flagstones placed irregularly on a bed of moss. Below these flagstones is the landscape. Coppiced flowering cherries grow here; their canopy forms a light covering over the patio, while at the same time retracing the terrace’s horizon.

  • Program / Project: GENEVA / Louis Jeantet Foundation
  • Client: Fondation Louis Jeantet
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead consultant) + Domino Architects
  • Area: 0,13 ha
  • Date: 1997
  • Amount: 2.4 M€
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland

GENEVA / Louis Jeantet Foundation