The project for the future Lakes Neighborhood was developed with the desire to offer the city a new ensemble of public spaces, boulevards, pedestrian areas, squares, parks that will play a central role in the articulation of the metropolitan landscape structure of Geneva. This ensemble of public spaces redefines an urban fabric previously shaped by an automobile-oriented system of roads. The project also proposes grounding the identity of these public spaces by solving long-standing mobility issues, developing public transport strategies and integrating a new slow-transport network. The market square, the lake square and the pine wood will become places for social gathering that contribute to the attractiveness and quality of the new neighborhood.

At the interface between the valley of Nant d’Avancher and the lake of Tritons, the public spaces of the neighborhood become stepping stones within the major ecological corridor between the Rhône and the plateau. In terms of sustainable development, the ambition is to translate and enrich a performative urban ecosystem with site-appropriate techniques. The permeability of the soil and alternative methods for rainwater management allow for a fertile ground layer on the scale of the entire site. On this foundation, layers of planting create a spatial hierarchy from the ground plane to the rooftops, in dialogue with the height of the different buildings. This proactive approach to relating built and planted environment is used at the different scales throughout the project.

  • Program / Project: GENEVA / The Lakes Neighbourhood
  • Client: PCM Operateur Urbain SA
  • Project management: Favre & Guth SA + AAG + Groupe H (lead designers) + Agence Ter (landscape) + EDMS + BG Engineering SA + Citec + Buffet Boymond
  • Area: 11,5 ha
  • Date: 2014 - 2019
  • Amount: 32M € HT
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland

GENEVA / The Lakes Neighbourhood