The urban development of the Hauts de l’Orne neighbourhood forms part of  a territorial reflection that integrates the broad orientations of the agglomeration in terms of housing, amenities, connections and the balance of the built and natural environment, which was elaborated by the project team within the frame of the masterplan for the region.

The site today is an agricultural plateau of 90 ha. The invention of a new “landscape base” will allow for a sustainable foundation of a new way of inhabiting the territory of Fleury-sur-Orne. This reconquest of the landscape is based on a balance and dialogue between the natural, landscape and heritage elements on site.

  • Program / Project: FLEURY / The Hauts de L’Orne neighborhood
  • Client: SEM Development Normandie
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + Ingetec + AEU + Setec
  • Area: 48 ha
  • Date: 2012-2016
  • Amount: 17 M€ HT
  • Location: Fleury-Sur-Orne, France

FLEURY / The Hauts de L’Orne neighborhood