Based on the master plan of O.M.A. the landscape master plan was made for the ex coal-mine “Zeche Zollverein” at Essen. The site has been influenced massively by the mining: the topography was changed by landfill and countersink, the ground was compressed and contaminated. The vegetation adapted to these conditions. Before the coal mine was closed there was a clear connection between the industrial and the surrounding housing area. The aim was to revitalise and interpret that relationship in a new manner. A “belt of development” with new buildings is planned on the site’s outside border, the core of the complex remains as the historical monument. At the edge of the area there arises a “belt of development” which acts as an interface, connecting the belt and core and offers places to linger and to investigate. Placed onto the existing surface it moves across the area with its own materiality and geometry. The former “Gleisharfe”, the railroad line is converted into a linear park, the protected tracks are integrated in the new lanes and squares. In combination with selective introduced elements the industrial landscape is interpreted and adapted to the new conditions without losing is original character.

  • Program / Project: ESSEN / The Zollverein Mine
  • Client: EGZ
  • Project management: Agence Ter (Leading), OMA + Heinrich Böll
  • Area: 100 ha (master plan), square(1,3 ha), parking (1,7 ha)
  • Date: 2006 - 2007
  • Location: Essen, Germany

ESSEN / The Zollverein Mine