The concept for the new König-Heinrich-Platz describes an entity of topography and materiality. This is achieved by laying anthracite-colored granite paving throughout the area between the opera and Königsstraße. The key priorities on this main-axis are unhindered view and accessibility. A long stretch of lawn is located in the square-center; this “green carpet” made up of five elements, has retained the attractiveness and flexibility of the former grass cover. A more urban character of the lawn elements was attained by raising them above ground level and framing them in specially designed steel bases. The “green carpet” hovers above the square and becomes one of it’s highlighted attractions, all the while maintaining the many possibilities and easy maintenance of a standard lawn. In the calmer sections between the blocks of lawn visitors can sit on benches placed on the steel frame.

At night the effect of the weightless “floating lawn” is accentuated by lighting. In spring it transforms into a carpet of crocus flowers.

The square is incorporated into the Königsstraße and urban fabric via a composition of fountains. A long broad field of spring-like fountains, the last element of the square, corresponds to the five blocks of lawn and connects the König-Heinrich-Platz to the existing arrangement of fountains in the Königsstraße. The bed of spring-like fountains is part of the lighting concept.

  • Program / Project: DUISBURG / Square of König-Heinrich
  • Client: Duisburg
  • Project management: Agence Ter
  • Area: 1,6 ha
  • Date: 2006 - 2008
  • Location: Duisburg, Germany

DUISBURG / Square of König-Heinrich