The german Federal Court of Justice has been situated in the Hereditary Grand Duke’s Palace of 1897 in Karlsruhe since it’s establishment in the year 1950. The proposed draft by Agence Ter transforms the historic central Boulingrin into a new and coherent garden design, using a distinct and reduced stylistic language to meet the functional and representational requirements of the Federal Court.
A new path takes the visitor through the gate in the garden wall, into the Boulingrin, around the water fountain and up a new staircase of solid slab steps, to the Palais. Along the central axis, looking to the central fountain figure, the composition of the narrow grass carpet is completed by slender pathways aside the sloped contour.
The illumination of the Palais facade is integrated in the new lamps along the driveway. An avenue of basswood trees visually continues the Amalienstraße and intuitively separates the driveway from the walkway along the reception building.
Through these design interventions the Boulingrin is reestablished as the central connecting element of the park, allowing the visitor to accessible the garden once again.

  • Program / Project: Das Boulingrin am Bundesgerichtshof / Karlsruhe
  • Client: Land Baden-Württemberg, Vermögen und Bau, Amt Karlsruhe
  • Project management: Agence Ter + A. Lang (Brunnensanierung)
  • Area: 0,9 ha
  • Date: 2012-2013
  • Location: Karlsruhe, Deutschland

KARLSRUHE / The Boulingrin at the Federal Court of Justice