The Jean Durand high school and the agricultural school of Castelnaudary are being brought together within the larger context of the construction of the new François Andreossy high school.

Today, the two schools are separated by an agricultural field. Their buildings will be united as part of a real campus, an ensemble of educational buildings centered on a park. A topographical strategy for the site allows rainwater management by means of a floodable landscape. A promenade connects all of the hitherto isolated educational buildings, and edges the field that will become the new heart of the site.  This pathway echoes the quays of the nearby Small Basin of the Canal du Midi, by its peripheral configuration around a central void, as well as by its comparable wide horizon. The access to the campus is structured by a planted lane, which follows the existing agricultural traces and leads to the heart of the site.

  • Program / Project: CASTELNAUDARY / Lycée François Andreossy
  • Client: Languedoc-Rousillon Region
  • Project management: Cusy Maraval Architects (lead consultants) + David Hamerman (associated architect) + Agence Ter + TPF Ingénierie + LIGNES Environnement et Bâtiments + ESCANDE
  • Area: 11 ha
  • Date: 2012-2017
  • Amount: 40 M€
  • Location: Castelnaudary, France

CASTELNAUDARY / Lycée François Andreossy