This project is situated in a valley territory of 101 ha, structured by hills and watercourses, revealing the surrounding dense urban landscape of Campinas. The large dimension of the project allows for a reinvention of an urban model, where the revitalization of the soil becomes the base of a new urban ecosystem.

Firstly, an augmented biodiversity, the permeability of the ground and an adapted water and flood risk management, a climatic comfort and a control of energy resources are proposed. As a result, a new urban model is articulated where density and environmental equilibrium can coexist.

Secondly, the introduction of new uses, of neighbourhoods, of new ways of living are developed in a direct relationship with the landscape. A program of 12 200 housing units, amenities, offices and commercial spaces are designed as “La Cidade dos Sentidos” (The City of Senses), together with its “Art of Life”. The preservation of the geomorphology of the site and its landscapes is necessary to create the vital prerequisites that will structure the essential elements of the city: a diversity of landscapes and atmospheres throughout the urban structure.

“La Cidade dos Sentidos” is a sustainable city and at the same time a place where people want to live. The “Art of Life” is the base concept and reflection that allows for the creation of an architectural diversity, an urban mix and uses of the public realm. The art of life is also reflected in the creation of user-friendly, warm and qualitative public spaces, that allow for a new culture of well-being (gastronomy, physical activities, leisure, …), all woven in a dense urban tissue, which allows for a continuity with the existing density of the city. The qualities of the natural environments allow for a counter-balance for the active and economic dynamisms of the high-density fabric.

  • Program / Project: CAMPINAS / Sede Bradina Farm
  • Client: Grupo Iguatemi
  • Project management: Agence Ter+ Slemenson architects
  • Area: 200 ha
  • Date: 2015
  • Location: Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brasil

CAMPINAS / Sede Bradina Farm