The project accompanies the urban axis of the Route de Toulouse with an avenue for tramway, pedestrians and cyclists within a linear park that leads to the « green delta ».

The Avenue Promenade, formerly a secondary access way, will become a central, urban space linking the northern and southern clusters with a calming landscape character. The treatment of this Avenue Promenade will be in continuity with the landscape development of the park of Mussonville and provides natural spaces at the heart of the neighbourhood.

The new quarter of the development zone ZAC de la Route de Toulouse stretches over 670m from North to  South, with a width varying between 150m and 6.5m. This urban project defines 3 sequences and the strategic orientations proposed in the project aim to contextualize the Route de Toulouse, based on the surrounding major landscape structures and current land use. The two important nodes of Terre Sud and Place Aristide Briand are treated as high intensity public spaces. These spaces will be pedestrianized, to assure the continuities of circulations and the development of strong spatial identities.

  • Program / Project: BEGLES / Route de Toulouse
  • Client: La FAb
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead consultant) + Pranlas Descours Architectes (architects) + Alto Step (MEP engineering) + EVP Ingénierie (structural engineering)
  • Area: 3 ha
  • Date: 2015-2018
  • Amount: 6 M€
  • Location: Bordeaux, France

BEGLES / Route de Toulouse