The international competition for the realisation of the Landesgartenschau 2000 in Bad Oeynhausen and Löhne was founded on the appearance of ground water. The park’s name refers to the geological strata beneath the surface. The park terrain was traversed by a major underground fault carrying thermal water. With the aim of showing visitors where the magical powers of the water come from, the site’s underground area is made accessible.

In a wooded area, gabion walls are set along the geological fault line as an enigmatic sign to symbolize the presence of the water. The walk ultimately leads to the edge of a broad crater, set in a sunken garden planted with serviceberries. It is here that the descent into the territory’s lower regions begins. First of all, visitors enter a kind of cone built of weathering steel. Next they negotiate a spiral staircase, descending twenty meters to the bottom of the crater, to a dark pool of water which projects powerful jets of water skyward at regular intervals. During the garden festival, a sophisticated technique accompanied these waterspouts with rumbles and flashes of light, creating a subterranean spectacle that evoked the sheer force exerted by the pressure of water in the bowels of the earth.

  • Program / Project: BAD OEYNHAUSEN / Aqua Magica Park
  • Client: LGS 2000 Bad Oeynhausen-Löhne
  • Project management: Agence Ter
  • Area: 35 ha
  • Date: 1998-2000
  • Location: Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

BAD OEYNHAUSEN / Aqua Magica Park