This project emerges from a context in which the aged warehouses and shops of greater Paris are transforming to take on new uses as the neighborhood around them evolves. A re-composition of the urban blocks and the construction of a new commercial center is already planned. Together with the demographic and commercial changes in the neighborhood, the entire street grid is now in a position to be redesigned and re-adapted to an increasingly dense, urban setting, while still needing to accomodate the larger trucks that still access the site to serve the textile trade.

Agence Ter has taken up the design of both the streetscape and the public realm with the streets now generously planted to offer the climatic comfort and aesthetic respite required by increasingly urbanized surroundings. To reinforce wayfinding and the legibility of the site, the transversal streets (east-west) are planted with flowering deciduous tree species, while the north-south axis is marked by strong, large scale trees such as Pinus sylvestris and Magnolia.

This project of public spaces and streetscapes is also part of the planning of the new development of the Canal Saint-Denis.

  • Program / Project: AUBERVILLIERS / Gate of Aubervilliers neighborhood
  • Client: SEM Plaine Commune Development
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + BERIM
  • Area: 17ha
  • Date: 2009-2015
  • Amount: 14M € HT
  • Location: Aubervilliers, France

AUBERVILLIERS / Gate of Aubervilliers neighborhood