On a site of 5.4 hectares, the city of Aubervilliers will welcome the largest university campus dedicated to research and education in humanities and social sciences. The development of this site forms part of a wider urban renewal process:  the new neighborhood has a dual role of articulation: between the various elements of the campus, but also between the campus and the city.  This articulation is achieved using three main principles: the “Park Campus”, the “Avenue of Humanity” and the “Active Plinth”.

The Condorcet Campus is a “Park Campus”, a soothing green oasis in the midst of the hard landscapes of the South of the Saint-Denis Plain. It offers a large and generous green space that extends the structure of vegetation of the surrounding streets into the landscape of the campus. This densification of vegetation assures an essential climatic function and fosters biodiversity, whilst offering a comfortable outdoor space.

The second figure, the “Avenue of Humanity”, creates the back bone of the project; it is a North-South axis with a generous width. It reunites the different institutions and constitutes their addresses. It is inflected to pass through the important new Documentary Centre and connects in one stroke the metro stop ‘Front Populaire’  with the tramway, while giving direct access to the ‘RER’ local trains on the North side.

The “Active Plinth” imagines the ground floors of all of the campus buildings as a very transparent and permeable continuity, not only visually permeable but also physically accessible. This “Active Plinth” with a height of 4.5 meters, includes the entry halls of the various institutions, and also related facilities that are open to residents and students.

  • Program / Project: AUBERVILLIERS / Condorcet Campus
  • Client: (public-private partnership) EPCS CAMPUS CONDORCET & SERENDICITE (Adim concept, GTM Bâtiment, 3i Infrastructure and Engie Cofely)
  • Project management: Serendicité (lead consultants), Agence Ter Urbanistes Paysagistes (urbanism, landscape architecture & coordination), Jean-Baptiste Lacoudre Architectures, Brunet-Saunier Architecture, Antonini-Darmon Architects, K-Architectures, Jean-Christophe Quinton Architects, WSP, OASIIS, Quidort, Betip Engineering
  • Budget: 162M €
  • Area: 5,4 ha
  • Date: Studies 2013-2017 and construction 2017-2019
  • Location: Aubervilliers, France

AUBERVILLIERS / Condorcet Campus