Developed on a 16ha site with an extensive urban edge facing the Seine River, the project site of the Business Park development is connected by the RER train station Les Grésillons which will soon be linked to the Greater Paris Express. An eco-neighborhood is planned here on the foundation of an urban design concept developed Christian Devillers and now led by Agence Ter as urban and landscape designers.

Layers of urban and landscape spaces are the founding concepts for public space design and their relation to the built clusters. Three major layers are imagined:

  • The “resilient” layer: the unified and porous soil in direct contact with the river. This layer uses the proximity of water to fertilize the soil (techniques includes continuous water storage along the roads and the introduction of swales and reservoirs in the park).
  • The “productive” layers”: represented by the intermediary terraces nestled on various elevations and supporting the possibility of urban agriculture
  • The “biodiversity” layer that reinforces the aesthetic and function of the forested belvederes. This new skyline creates ecological stepping stones to support migrating bird species.

Here, public space, seen as performing a range of functions, plays a key role in the evolution of the overall image of this mixed-use quarter, itself a strategic site within a transforming territory.

  • Program / Project: ASNIERES-SUR-SEINE / Business Park Development
  • Client: Citallios
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + Ingerop/ Urban Water + 2Ei/ Eiffage developers-architects
  • Area: 16 ha
  • Date: 2013-2024
  • Amount: 18M€ HT
  • Location: Asnières-sur-Seine, France

ASNIERES-SUR-SEINE / Business Park Development