The plain of Argenteuil consists of 120ha of natural sites situated at the foot of the Buttes-du-Parisis, in the heart of the dense city center. Today it is a fragmented space and subject to big pressure of the proximity of the city (illegal occupation, misuse, land pressure, etc.). There is a need to recompose the site to form a coherent entity and to constitute an important open landscape in the close periphery of Paris.

This study’s aim was to put in place a masterplan and a strategy for the landscape and agricultural development.

At the scale of the Argenteuil loop, the Buttes-du-Parisis or even the city, it seems evident that the plain offers various possibilities that can be taken up, notably from an economic, agricultural, landscape, patrimonial, cultural and social point of view.

Composed by very distinctive entities, the plain is a complex object from which the contours need to be reinvented. At the same time it seemed necessary to rely on the traces that are still existing (old agricultural families from Argenteuil, parcels, road network, trees, etc.) in order to reinvent this landscape and to propose a new composition of the plain that is based on the existing logic and on the opportunities of slowly evolving parcel structures.

Within a complex property structure and with a tense economic situation, a scenario for the redevelopment has been proposed. Critical was a strategy for a healthy agricultural economy, relying on different scenarios while progressively securing the properties, and by activating over time places that are unifying and open to the local and wider public.

The main goal was thus to find again for the plain of Argenteuil an equilibrium between recreational, economical and natural aims and to give it the real status of an urban agricultural site.

  • Program / Project: ARGENTEUIL / The agricultural plain
  • Client: City of Argenteuil + Regional Agency for Green Spaces (AEV)
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead designer) + O.G.E. + A et Cetera + Solagro + Evelyne Engel
  • Area: 119 ha
  • Date: 2013 - 2016
  • Location: Argenteuil, France

ARGENTEUIL / The agricultural plain