Sophia Antipolis, an innovative technology park created in the seventies and early eighties, incarnated the urban dream of working in a natural context. Its renewal calls for a veritable city in nature, imagining new methods of relations and exchange, of social and programmatical mixity, of renewed urban life with a new regard and respect for nature.

Agence Ter’s proposals respond to the labyrinthine reality of the territory, resulting from recent evolutions, with a network of slow transport routes which enhance perceptions of the territory.  As well as composing with the natural capital of the area, a parallel cultural and urban attractivity assures true sustainability, and is a crucial objective in the positioning of new nodes within the technopolis.

The masterplan incorporates these concerns to guide the technology park towards an exemplary renewal.  It is conceived as a “charter for nature as capital”, a reference document that can be communicated to politicians and developers, as well as the technical services in charge of the public spaces and forests of Sophia.

The charter accentuates the structuring role of the major natural landscape elements such as the valleys and hills, today under threat from the ever expanding technopolis. It seems evident that these elements should guide the ‘green and blue’ framework for structuring renewal of the park and providing for slow transport routes such as pedestrian and cycle ways.

An update of the 1977 landscape charter is a tool to examine, reinforce and reinterpret the founding concepts of the park to adapt to societal and landscape changes of the last 40 years. The “charter for nature as capital” firstly identifies the fundamental elements to respect and protect on the scale of the larger landscape (valleys, summits, non-constructible zones) and secondly identifies the multiple issues that confront the varied stakeholders involved in the renewal and development of Sophia Antipolis.

  • Program / Project: ANTIBES / Sophia Antipolis
  • Client: Syndicat mixte de Sophia Antipolis – CASA
  • Project management: Agence Ter (lead consultants) + INDDIGO
  • Area: 1350 ha
  • Date: 2011 - 2014
  • Location: Antibes, France

ANTIBES / Sophia Antipolis