Amiens benefits from an exceptional context between city and nature. On the one hand there is the renewed city centre, the cathedral and the Perret Tower as recognizable points from a distance, the vibrant neighbourhood of Saint-Leu, etc. On the other hand, there are many beautiful urban parks, the Somme, the floating gardens and the nearby countryside.
The new neighbourhood of The Valley is interacting with both conditions, as it has a direct proximity to the station and to the city center, but is at the same time very closely related to the Somme River. The project recognizes and amplifies these qualities and conditions in order to attract young active inhabitants and families, to receive tourists, to house students and to develop the small industries related to the station.
The project aims to create the in-between: the hyphen between the two banks, between different heights and between mineral and natural. The diverse and innovative programming is complementary with the current offers and is respectful of history and the urban context.
The potential of each of the three sites is developed in coherence with its program and its direct context, in order to smoothen the transitions and to accommodate the intense city as well as the peaceful neighbourhood. The project aims to create a dynamic and sustainable tissue.

  • Program / Project: AMIENS / The three worlds
  • Client: VINCI Immobilier and DUVAL group
  • Project management: VINCI (team leader) + DUVAL (team leader) + Agence Ter + EGIS + Saison Menu + Des Cliques et des Calques + A ETC + Palanca
  • Area: 9 ha
  • Date: 2018-2020
  • Location: Amiens, France

AMIENS / The three worlds