Libourne 2025 « la Confluente »

“Libourne 2025 – La Confluente” is the winner of the urban projects section of the “Défis Urbains” prize organized by Urbapresse,  the magazine “Traits urbains” and the “Forum des Projets Urbains”.  A recognition of the urban programming of Libourne, an average sized city affirming its peri-metropolitan position. The “Défis Urbains” prize rewards achievements of operations (buildings, public spaces, facilities) and initiatives (events, approaches, ephemeral installations …) in 33 public or private categories in favor of a sustainable, inclusive, accessible, shared, innovative city, connected, balanced, comfortable and economical.

Accompanying the city of Libourne,  Agence Ter is very happy to be recognised in the category of “Metropolitan Construction” for the project of the development of wharves and open banks on the site of confluence of the rivers Dordogne and Isle.  Designed as a huge continuous space, the “Quai de la Confluence” attests to the exemplary dynamism of the City Council in mobilizing the institutions and stakeholders in concertation to develop an identity for the confluence.